Flood Of Accusations Of Sexual Misconduct Made Against Ubisoft Employees, Company Says It Will Investigate – Forbes

The advancement came a day after a number of Twitter users implicated present and former Ubisoft staff members of sexual misconduct– and declared that, in at least two circumstances, supervisors at the Ubisoft studios were made mindful of the accusations and decreased to examine further. Others at Ubisoft have likewise been accused of abusing their positions of power. While Johnston is the only individual to have openly implicated Gbinigie of sexual assault, other members of the market have described unfavorable experiences with Gbinigie. On Tuesday, Gregg Baker, a former neighborhood advancement manager at Ubisoft San Francisco, came under scrutiny. Speaking to me, Vercuiel worried that “there are clearly good individuals working at Ubisoft Sofia, as there are in every studio.

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