PS5 Patent Points to Potential Picture-in-Picture Options – Push Square

Sony’s not stated much about its next-gen os just yet, aside from that it’s “lightning fast”and a” total overhaul” of the ideas presented in the PlayStation 4 with all-new functions. More will be exposed in the future, however we reckon we might get some usage out of a function like this– presuming, of course, it makes it into the end product.

You may have the ability to set up numerous screens with the PlayStation 5, permitting you to play a game while seeing a banner– or possibly even follow a YouTube guide. A new patent published by Sony Interactive Entertainment exposes a principle where overlays could be put on top of gameplay, or additionally off to the side.

In the diagrams, the Japanese giant demonstrates how you may wish to layer a little video feed over your main screen. Other examples include revealing a stream offset to the left, with comments published below it. This could all incorporate to the PlayStation Assistant rumour which has been swirling for a while, which points to some type of Alexa-style aid being included into the PS5’s user interface.

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